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About Amber Smith Studio

A ceramic artist, printmaker, and painter based in Nelson, New Zealand.

I am of Pakeha descent with connections to Ngati Wai through a previous marriage and child.

I have developed my own unique style of art that is characterized by its use of Māori motifs, words, and proverbs.

I began working in this style 12 years ago as a quiet stand against the racism I was experiencing in my own environment.

I wanted to create art that would celebrate Māori culture and language, art that felt good and connected us to each other and to Aotearoa. 

I believe that art can be a powerful tool for education and advocacy, and I am committed to using my art to promote understanding and respect. 

Works are often illustrations of whakatauki (proverbial sayings) or waiata (Māori songs).
The words are wise and up-lifting and they give a beautiful feeling to the art of love, hope and self-worth. 
I'm known for using the sgraffito technique in my work. Sgraffito is a method of creating images by scratching through a layer of paint or glaze to reveal the layer underneath. 
 My prints are created by photographing my ceramic work and then digitally compiling the images into a print. This process allows me to create larger and more complex images than I would be able to create with ceramics alone.
I'm currently taking a break from ceramics to focus on painting and printmaking. I'm excited to explore new mediums.

If you would like to learn more about me or my work, please visit my website or follow me on social media.