Framing is carried out by professional framers - they do a great job.

Please allow for 10 days to recieve your framed print. It is usually less time than this but it's best to give the framers time to complete the work.

If you have less time than this , please contact me and I will see what I can do to get the work done faster.

The dimensions of the framed prints are as follows -

A2 - 510 x 690 mm

A3 - 390 x 500 mm

A4 - 300 x 400 mm

DIY Framing

All A4 and A3 prints come with a black mat board which you can use to make your print look great! Cut the mat board to the size of your frame and slide it into place with the print fixed to the card. Some framers offer a service whereby you can take in your store bought frame with the print, and they will handle it for you.