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Tall Blessing Vessel

Tall Blessing Vessel

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A Tall Amphora shaped Vessel, with a 'celebration' of Piwakawaka. Two pair fly together, with a little one flitting about near the rim.

This beautiful blessing bowl has been handcrafted using the traditional pinch and coil ceramic method. Its natural organic shape and textured surface are the result of this careful process.

After being hand-painted and etched, through a technique called sgraffito, it has been fired twice in the kiln - firstly to harden the clay and painting and again to create the lustrous golden interior.

No two bowls can ever be the same, unique and one of a kind, a special and meaningful piece.


Width 185 mm x Height 300 mm

 An apple for perspective :)

Can a group of fantails be called a 'celebration' ? I think they can :))


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" My artwork arrived safe and sound - thanks very much. The work is brilliant, evocative and striking - just as I imagined it would be " - David W